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Review by Wanda Lough

Austin, TX

Rub a Duck is a visceral, spiraling look into all elements of Fascism; how Fascism stems ultimately from the belief to become enlightened: a form beyond human. 


More thought-provoking than Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment and more creative, Rub a Duck gets you wet, the chills, astonishment, horror, and worst of all, to laugh! Yes to laugh! Tickling the underbelly of Philosophy, Frank Wo/Men Collective creates a fantastical backdrop called the Transformation house, where the audience witnesses 5 different participants vying to transform at all costs! 


It’s dreamlike nature allows the audience to relate to all types and instances of Fascists: where some ideal was put above the human. Where at a job or through the medium of religion or even a friend group, we’ve felt pressure to comply in hopes of transformation. 


Rub A Duck juxtaposes these dark aspects against candy, neon-green-plastic undies, water guns, water balloons. Frank Wo/Men Collective creates an absurd, hilariously interactive space by placing our twisted drives to becoming something as obnoxious and silly as squeaky, yellow duck.

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