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Frank Wo/Men Collective, based out of Austin, TX, is an ever-evolving group of interdisciplinary artists and multi-interested embodiers. Frankie collaborators co-produce a multitude of maximalist, highly physical pieces which are often fervid, contemplative, or idiosyncratic. Our work is underpinned with intersectional thinking, queerness, Freudian curiosities, body positivity, and absurdist exploration.


With each new project we blend genres and sensibilities to evoke new, stimulating, and often maximalist experiences. When we devise work, each Frankie is encouraged to throw their boldest impulses into the mix. What bubbles up is usually a tantalizing, frequently absurd, interactive and multilayered creation.


In 2019, Frank Wo/Men Collective was listed as 'Best of Austin' for which the Austin Chronicle wrote, "At times, Frank's shows – such as Rick Said So and Rub a Duck – play like physical endurance tests designed by Dr. Strangelove and Pina Bausch. But their absurdist sensibilities, kinetic energy, and inventiveness make them weirdly compelling and fun."

Why maximalism?

A maximalism style offers a lot of access points for the audience. Access points meaning, many ways to enter a scene and get meaning behind the movement. And one person’s perspective will be entirely different than the person next to them. This style allows the characters to have a strange, candid self awareness about the audience. Yet, never dissolve the boundary that it is a show.


The Frank Wo/Men aim to:


  • Create, generate, and develop ideas, recognizing that novelty and innovation are fruits of risk-taking.


  • Harness the rawness of artistic impulse and the spontaneity of cross-discipline collaborations.


  • Connect with diverse communities and produce work that is socio-culturally attentive.

Wanna know who each of us are? Click here!

For videos, check out our YouTube channel

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