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Rub A Duck

Written and performed by Frank Wo/Men Collective at Blue Genie Art Bazaar.

Rub A Duck is an experimental multidisciplinary physical theatre work—a slippery, mad-paced pressure cooker social experiment in real time. Thirteen collaborators ranging in multi-talented abilities—dancers, actors, singers, and design artists —dynamically co-fabricate a trippy theatrical experience that ultimately mimics and mocks human subconscious.

Set in a wet'n'wild dreamscape, Rub A Duck sets forth unaccustomed perspectives, absurd notions, and sensorial stimulation through movement, text and a cappella soundscapes. Devised collectively by multitalented and multi-discipline art makers, Rub A Duck will deliver genre-bending, mind-turning entertainment that will leave you soaked and satisfied.

Ages 18+ for nudity and mature content


Kelsey Oliver & Roberto Di Donato

Devising Collaborators:

Participant 1: Erica Saucedo

Participant 2: Alexa Capareda

Participant 3: Roberto Di Donato

Participant 4: Kelsey Oliver

Participant 5: Travis Tate

Chorus: John Christopher, Cassie Reveles, Khali Sykes

Soundscaper: Walter Nichols

Distinguished Imposer: Billie Secular

Technical Director/Scenic/Lighting Design:

Chris Conard

Film Artist:

Joe Cornelison

Costume Design & Curation:

Aaron Flynn & Kelsey Oliver

Costume Fabrication: Aaron Flynn

Boot Fabrication Assistant: John Christopher

Hooded dress by John Christopher

Black raincoat by Happy Loco


Blue Genie, Salvage Vanguard Theater, Rude Mechs, Ballet Austin, Cornucopia Popcorn, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, MoHA, Cole Dulworth, Taylor Kokas, Stephen Laughrun, Aduro Film, Pat and Alex Bassiakou Shaw, Katie Drackert, Jordan and Rachael Conard, Kate Taylor, Alex Miller, Natalie Foster, Patrick Bryant, Diana Lynn Small



Katelyn Yeary, Rae Fredericks, Rachael Hanlon, Clay Moore, Judd Farris, Andrew Rodriguez, Abigail Rose, Daniel Sullivan, Kriston Woodreaux, Katie Gunderson, Anna Eisley, Megan Tabaque, Emily McLaughlin, Jackson Cosgrove, Logan Smith, Nathan Patterson


Sarah Annie Navarrete, Matt Bradford, Ursula Barker, Jamie Massaro


Jordan Moser, Jorge Sermini, Maggie Bailey

Frank Wo/Men Collective is fiscally sponsored by Salvage Vanguard Theater.

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