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The Greatest Moments in

Sports History

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Presented by The Museum of Human Achievement, Natalie George Productions, Frank Wo/Men Collective, and Eden East


Dinner Theater in four quarters featuring a four course meal by Sonya Cote, and four recreations of the greatest moments in sports history.


Two nights only, 30 capacity. Complimentary drinks, dinner and sports provided.


Featuring performances and recreations by Frank Wo/Men Collective, Alex Bassiakou Shaw (Rude Mechs), Tim Braun, Wendy Mitchell, Brad Carlin (Fusebox) and more..


Written by Drew Paryzer

Sound Design by Zac Traeger

Lighting Design by Natalie George

Production by MoHA and Natalie George

Costumes by Patti Neff

On-Stage Performance by Alexa Capareda, Chris Conard, Kelsey Oliver, and Hunter Sturgis


Special thanks to Aundre Wesley and Sarah Loucks for filming

Video editing by Kelsey Oliver

Performed November 2017

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