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Loose Gravel

"That was a head cracker dada festival of fun. I think it's wo/manditory that all banditories see these candidstories. Go you idiot and don't not be low went you go."

- Kirk Lynn, playwright, novelist, and co- founder of the Rude Mechanicals

"Contemplative, skilled, inventive, and often hilarious, the two-hour performance, collaboratively developed by the seven- member collective, was a heartening beginning to 2017."

- Jonelle Seitz, Fjord Review

"LOOSE GRAVEL is Raw, Edgy and Occasionally Brilliant"

- Broadway World

"...this no-holds-barred performance does contain moments of brilliance... and some impressive talent at the beginning of careers I'd be very interested to revisit a few years on down the road."

- Frank Benge, Broadway World 

Co-Produced by Kelsey Oliver, Alexa Capareda, Chris Conard, Robert Di Donato

Artistically Directed by Kelsey Oliver

Assistant Artistic Director - Robert Di Donato

PR and Marketing Director - Alexa Capareda

Technical Direction, Graphic Design, Set Design, and Light Design by Chris Conard


Performers/Artistic Collaborators: Alexa Capareda, Robert Di Donato, Dannon O'Brien, Kelsey Oliver, Mario Ramirez, Hunter Sturgis

Artistic Collaborators: Erica Saucedo, Cimone

Costume Curation by E.L. Hohn

Stage Manager/Sound Board Operater - Josh Secor

Community Outreach by Cimone

Thanks to the following contributors for making Loose Gravel possible!

University of Texas Department of Theatre, and Dance, Brant Pope, Tatiana Artis, Topology, Elaine Pordesimo, Sarita and Joel Mercado, Evamarie and Sergio Capareda, Joan and Bruce Mackay, Jordan Conrad, Clay Moore, Marshall Smith, Kevin Mcann, ZACH Theatre, Joe Cornelison, Zhi Tea

Loose Gravel: Bite Size

at Mi Casa Es Su Teatro

A site-specific physical theatre piece

Saturday, February 11th, 2017 3-4pm at 5109 Avenue H.

For this year’s Mi Casa Es Su Teatro, the Frank Wo/Men gave a condensed, site-adapted, bite-size encore of  some of Loose Gravel’s greatest hits.

About Mi Casa Es Su Teatro, a part of Frontera Fest:
Mi Casa Es Su Teatro is a day of site-based work performed in local homes and other surprising locales. For  decades, FronteraFest has invited local artists and residents to partner-up in creating this adventurous afternoon of  intimate and literally homegrown performances for the community. Every year Mi Casa is totally unique in style,  original in content, and reflects a specific swath of Austin’s landscape. This year’s festival was curated by theatre  artist Patrick Shaw, and movement artist Hassan Christopher, which took place in the Hyde Park neighborhood.

Loose Gravel: Bite Size
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